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Hello Job Maker?

Just as Job Keeper becomes a distant memory, clients are now asking, what about Job Maker? It has been with us since the October Federal budget, but (backdated) payments only commenced in February 2021.

Job Search Diagram

At $10,400 for an under 30-year-old new start (and half that for 30-to-35-year old’s), it looks to be worthwhile. In some ways it is.

Eligible employers (most of our clients would qualify) and their eligible new employees (with just one of the tests being – Job Keeper never claimed) will discover that the administration, reporting and compliance obligations are going to keep your payroll person really thinking.

Good business owners know – it is all about getting the right person/people on the bus.  So, we say “don’t let subsidies get in the way of hiring the right person in the first place”.  Much cheaper in the long run.