Client Words of Love


Garry Hetherington


"What you will notice most about Chris, after you get past his smile, humour and energy, is his passion and his very sharp mind.

His passion is to help people get the most out of life. And, his mind must be the most strategic and penetrating on the planet. Combined, his passion and his mind, are a formidable asset for anyone grappling with business and life strategies. We have used Chris regular to ensure our business endeavours stay on path.

We first used Chris to strategise the sale of a large family tourism business. Chris was brilliant in helping all family members find a collected position. In the end the sale was a outstanding result, and we set a record sale price for that sector.

Then, we used Chris to workshop a partners agreement for three couples wanting to acquire an existing business. That syndicate has continued successfully for 7 years, and we have just been recognised as the best in Australia for customer service. We brought Chris back during the 5th year to review and reset direction. We will do it again.

Chris seems to thrive on helping business owners match their enterprise with their life-goals. Every dollar we have invested into his services have paid back hundreds of times over.”

Garry Hetherington
New 55 Resort Group


Norman Hall


“I have known Chris Alp for in excess of 15 years. He was initially a client of mine and always impressed as honest, knowledgeable and reliable. Due to this I referred him a number of my other clients who needed assistance and he never let me or them down. When our business was looking for advice and assistance, Chris was the first person I thought of. Over the last several years Chris has been an invaluable trusted advisor contributing to our business on a number of important occasions. He has a unique way of looking at issues which, combined with his extensive expertise and experience, always allows him to come up with practical, executable and creative solutions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris’s services to anyone I know.”

Norman Hall
Director - Marketing
Star Business Solutions