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America… Home of Accessibility

(copy of article published Wheel The World October Newsletter) Like my fellow Australians, our family just loves to travel. It’s in our blood. My wheelchair never stopped me exploring our amazing planet. Over the past 5 decades since …
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The Big, Big Ship

Just once!!! Yes, based purely on economic grounds, we chose to sail on a BIG cruise liner through the Caribbean rather than a more boutique intimate gourmet ship (as widely recommended). We were definitely being brave. It’s cheap.  If you want …
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Koblenz and the train!

15 June 2014. Huge day today! (Originally posted on Facebook that night over a beer and dinner with lots of potatoes) Got up really early this morning to head off to Koblenz. I am on my own this week. I quickly ate some muesli, yoghurt and …
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