What We Do & Why

Specialist Accounting and Tax Management

Every accountant would claim to do good work.  But would their clients ever know of that were true or not?

Frankly, it is not until clients change accountant do they finally realise that they may have been poorly advised, badly structured, exposed to risks, overpaying tax or simply without a mentor and a guiding hand.

We think differently.

Firstly, we have only ever worked with business owners.  All of us, for decades, delivering the highest levels of advice, structuring and execution that define good practice.  It’s all we do.

Secondly, we only employ people that we know can deliver to our client’s expectations and to our standards.  No compromise.  No junior staff.  No learning on the job.

Thirdly, we are confident in what we do.  We agree our fee at the start of the year and stick to it.  It can include tax planning, business consulting and even regular advisory meetings. It’s all up to the client.  Only exceptional circumstances (such as business opportunities too good to refuse or surprises that were not contemplated months earlier) are excluded.

Fourthly, we look after our clients’ affairs. We do the worrying for them.

And our clients really do know why we are special.  That’s why they are our best referrers!