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Dr Stuart Newland

Founder of Maxfac Oral Surgery Clinics

  • Founder of Maxfac Oral Surgery Clinic
  • Renown Oral, Maxillofacial & Reconstructive Surgeon
  • Highly qualified specialist of Dentistry, Medicine and Surgery,
  • MBA businessman/entrepreneur
  • maxfacclinic.com

…the team at Alp McNamara are so much more than just experts in business, tax, wealth, structure and accounting. They’re all that, of course. What sets them apart? They understand people, families and relationships, and how those are often the things we really want to optimise through our finances.

They’re small enough to be agile, responsive and attentive to a crisis, and large enough to have the depth of wisdom, skill and experience to provide the best guidance, long-term strategy and advice on every aspect of Wealth Management, Asset Protection, Business Strategy, Tax and Succession Planning.

If you’ve tried the ‘big-name’ firms and you’re tired of the sausage factory, never knowing the people doing your work, or meeting a new ‘relationship manager’ every 6 months, call the people at Alp McNamara, They’ll probably ask you to meet them for a coffee. That’s how they do things. These guys won’t fit you into a cookie-cutter template. They will listen to your story, and actually hear what you’re telling them; sometimes before you even realise yourself!

This is a bespoke service like no other. Big-picture, personally-tailored, life-fulfilling, goal-identified strategy-driven solutions, to all problems from small to seemingly insurmountable. Life is not just about money. These guys get that in a way I have never seen in 30 years of using professional services. They know how to help you.

Alp McNamara know what to do, and they deliver it. No backdoor commissions, no bs. Friendly, honest, dependable, on time, every time.

Dr Stuart Newland