Happy Clients

Ingrid Filmer

CEO Burgess Rawson Group

There we were. We had just bought our business from the founders, Chris Burgess & Gerald Rawson. They drove a really tough deal. We knew lots about real estate, but nothing about how to run a business. We knew that we needed professional help. So why not ask the person who assisted Chris & Gerald get their great deal? We did. We called Chris Alp!

What a journey! It started with our very first 3-year strategic plan with Chris. It was great … stuff that we would never have thought about. And it was really practical, with vision, mission, focus, actions, accountability and deadlines. And we took it seriously.

Imagine Chris’s face when we came back after just one year and told him that we had achieved exactly what he had laid out for us … only two years early! What next? Another 3-year plan of course, only a bit tougher this time! And again and again, year after year, we delivered. Every year ever since that first plan. We have never missed a year.

There is no doubt that Chris has steered us along our path of growth and success. Sure, we were the ones who did the work to make it all happen, but always with a strategy and plan to achieve a niche that no other Commercial agents could achieve.

Even when a couple of the world’s largest agents decided to copy us, Chris helped us regroup and rethink our strategy to hold them at bay. He helped us be nimble, even more service oriented and stay way ahead of the competitors. It worked well.

He also helped us acquire our Sydney and Brisbane offices and grow exponentially to become the largest boutique owner-investor commercial real estate agents in Australia. All from very humble beginnings.

Chris now chairs our Advisory Board and personally mentors my fellow directors (and me) to be our very best. He is a significant part of our success. Thank you so much Chris. Ingrid.