What We Do & Why

Business Performance

Running a successful business is truly a “black art”! We have worked one-on-one with (maybe 1000) businesses in helping them understand what makes them tick and how they can improve their performance.

Some owners are amazing.  They have an instinctive and absolute understanding of their business, their market and their value proposition.  They foster their unique competitive advantages and guard them jealously.  They maximise margins at every turn and seek to drive revenue but only when it delivers bottom line profit.  They use calculated risk for every decision and seek guidance when necessary.

But even these super stars need help from time to time.  And if those super star owners need (and seek) good advice, what about those business owners whose performance could be improved?

It is surprisingly easy to increase profit in many businesses, sometimes substantially.  We have a portfolio of quite a few clients who appreciate this.  Best of all, by building profit, the value of the business itself can climb exponentially (thanks to the attention to the underlying drivers of business multiples).

Thus providing a bigger and better range of exit options.