What We Do & Why

Family Office and Mentoring

We think of the Family Office as a process that drives the discipline and diligence that is found in successful businesses into a family’s financial affairs.

Think about it.  So many business owners are great at running their businesses, yet their personal affairs are so often a mess, badly organised, not properly structured, not integrated into estate planning, exposed to risk and (almost always) not involving the other family members who are often dependent upon continuity of the legacy and security of the family assets.

The process for getting things on track probably starts with a situational analysis, a prioritisation of needs, consideration of outcomes and a plan for action.

Invariably, this results in a formal Family Office structure where the family finances are run just like any good business.  There is structure, transparency, involvement, governance, order, certainty, and understanding of risk, fairness and objectivity.

We convene numerous family office meetings to help our clients achieve these objectives.