Ideas & Stories

How did we get together?

Circa 1980...  John Clark and Fordham Williams & Co Chris Alp sat in front of John in 1980 hoping to be chosen as the little firm’s 1981 graduate. Having completed Bachelors of Arts and Commerce, like most eager graduates, he figured he …
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Andrea’s Philosophy

Driving clever outcomes … with a passion! Andrea is not your typical Chartered Accountant. She may well be a highly experienced tax whizz, a guru with corporate structures and extremely capable of fixing all sorts of muddled affairs that she …
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Chris’s Journey

Crunch!  That sickening sound changed my life. Just 12 years old, my father and I decided to accept an invitation to join 2 family friends in a short flight from Melbourne’s Moorabbin airport. At 1000 meters on our landing approach, we hit a …
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