Recipe for Success

Agreed fixed fees, certainty

1. Why pay for inefficiency?

For many years, professional service firms have charged clients by the hour.  They will divulge their hourly charge rates but rarely estimate the likely charges.  They duly enter time into their timesheets and along with their work colleagues, are assessed on their productivity (how much they managed to charge clients) and are rewarded accordingly.  There is a conflict between the client and the person doing the work.

So unfortunately, the longer it takes to do the work, the more it costs.

2. Why fixed fee?

We have been doing this long enough to know what is involved with managing a client’s affairs.  We know that we have people with the right skills to get the job done properly the first time.

So, it’s only sensible that we offer this certainty on to our clients.  We look at the work required, including any tax planning and consulting work needed and package it all together.  Everything related to our brief.  We will even include strategic planning, management meetings and special projects if clients need.  We have clients who are on an unlimited-time engagement basis.

3. Outside of scope work

Sure, things happen that fall outside the scope.  Circumstances arise such as; an approach by a third party to buy the business, a downturn in revenue that requires careful planning and management, an acquisition opportunity, a tax audit or even just a fresh review of the world.  Life is full of unexpected things.

Fortunately, we are here to help!  We have the courage to provide a quote (not just an estimate) for the anticipated work and always provide our existing clients with a discount to our hourly rate to help them through this one-off matter.

4. Low overheads

We “practice what we preach”.  We work hard to keep our costs low.  Our offices are snug, well fitted out and have great client facilities.  But nothing is over the top.  There are no marble and granite floors, views across the city and waiters serving biscuits!

In the end, who pays for all that glitter?