Recipe for Success

Talented people, no passengers

1. No graduates, sorry.

We have a highly specialised practice.  Our service model does not enable us to hire and train junior people.

Most of our clients have sophisticated accounting systems that already provide accurate and relevant accounting records.  We don’t need an army of junior people to undertake this work.  This enables us to use senior people for all of the work that we do.

How often do we hear new clients complaining about the new people that “they had to train” year after year?  We know that clients hate the feeling that they are paying for some junior person to learn on the job.

The right people to do the right work.

2. Finding talent

We know a lot of great people who once worked for us and who seek challenging and engaging employment.  Strangely, such work is hard to find, especially for women who now have families.  They seek flexibility that is proudly shown on the websites of prospective employers but rarely translates into workable reality.  We embrace flexibility and provide our people with the technology to work as it suits them.  Ask our people about true flexibility.

3. Must be a fluke?

How is it possible to have such a pool of experience, maturity, skill, knowledge and relevance across every team member?

They all have one thing in common.  They have all worked for Andrea before.  Often right from when they were graduates themselves.  Andrea’s exacting standards forged their work habits, their passions for taxation and their empathy for the business owners.  They understand the inter-relationships within family, the lifecycle from business to exit to retirement to transition to the next generation and how this impacts the work they do every day.

That’s no fluke.  It comes from years of discipline.