Recipe for Success

Strategic thinking and creative solutions

1. Long history of Collaborative Planning

Remember “the recession we had to have”?  In the early 90’s, our Prime Minister, Paul Keating’s famous saying was pretty real for the businesses our clients were running.  Most of them were struggling for survival.  Negative growth, high levels of interest and debt, banking industry crisis, unprecedented losses and looming financial Armageddon.

That was the birthplace of our Planning Methodology.  Developed out of necessity and refined over hundreds, even thousands of subsequent strategic plans.  It delivered fast, practical, implementable and appropriate solutions that helped save countless clients from disaster.  It is essentially the same methodology we use to this day.

2. Reality Check

We like to start all new business engagements off with a strategic plan.  Sure, it is a great way for our team and the client to get to know each other over a couple of half days.  But for most clients, it is the first time they have really looked at their business in an objective and structured manner.

Of course, it not a free ranging discussion.  In fact, our process brings together our years of experience and our facilitation skills to carefully understand current circumstances, limitations, possibilities and resources.  To this, we establish a set of key issues for the given capabilities and timeframes.  This enables us to contemplate where the future lies and exactly how to get there.

It is empowering and it works.  Most clients get us to refresh their strategic plans every year.

3. Problem Solving

We love a good challenge!  Especially where the problem seems unsurmountable and has become bogged down with complexity.

Our solution invariably involves a whiteboard, lots of clear thinking, a few gems of thought from outside the square, some skill and experience from some really smart people and an open mind by the client.

It is amazing how creative the outcome can be!