Recipe for Success

Tonnes of love and care

Why are we here?  Why are you here?

We developed a saying 25 years ago to help us explain our firm to prospective employees.  We subsequently used the saying to help our clients to gain a greater perspective on their business!

1. Fun.

Fun should be what drives you to get out of bed every morning and want to go to work.  Sure, there are always times that work is challenging and not pleasant, but overall, it has to be really enjoyable.  It is said that if you get a career that you love, you never have to work a day in your life.

Our business owner clients know this feeling!

2. Make Money.

Well, that’s why you are here.  Be smart and make the most of your opportunities.  Be strategic and structured.  It’s amazing how things just fall into place when this happens.  It is also amazing just how much more money people can make if they are just a bit smarter in what they do.  And getting that right is fun!

Well-run businesses should always deliver premium rewards to the owners.

3. Be respected.

For us, this was paramount.  It is probably the biggest driver for most people.   We wanted our people to enjoy the feeling that they were specialists for business owners.  They were responsible for making a difference to people’s lives.   They would be known and respected for this. Business owners want to be known for something special too.

Business owners are the quiet achievers in our community.  They deserve the acknowledgement and respect for their role in employment, innovation, economic contribution, effort and entrepreneurial spirit.  They have very special talents.

So, we still love the saying “have fun, make money and be respected”.  For our people, for ourselves and most importantly, for our clients too.