Recipe for Success

Practical, appropriate professional advice

1. Cut the crap

Our clients are busy.  They need snappy advice that helps them make decisions.  Advice that succinctly explains risks and choices.  Not advice that is weighted down with words and self-serving thoughts.  They need advice they can act on.

2. Make it pragmatic

The reality for humans is that implementation must be attainable and simple.  It must be clear what the purpose is, the outcome wished for and the path that can be followed.  It must be capable of execution and never overwhelm the client.  It must bring the necessary resources to the table to facilitate success.

3. Draw on experience

We have done this before.  Many times.  No shortcuts.  It takes just as long to plan how to make $10,000 as it takes to make $10 million.  Good advice can involve research and consideration of circumstances and alternatives.  Bad advice can be cheap, but the long-term costs are usually hidden.

4. Drive outcomes

Constantly monitor, follow up and ensure that everything is executed as agreed and in a timely manner.

Delegation to a client or third party does not end the matter.  Even the highest agreed priorities get lowered due to the realities of life.  Our job is to ensure that important matters are properly managed.